Recently all members of the Art Directors Club of Germany had the chance to submit design proposals for the ADC festival campaign 2021. This year´s theme is "Superpower creativity – always finds a way". The following concept was created in collaboration with a former fellow student. In Our view creativity is like a colorful and super strong gravitation that pulls everything in its direction.
In the end we didn´t won the pitch, but it was a pleasure to participate and we have received very positive feedback.

We created a few animation shorts to illustrate our concept. In the beginning you see immobile black and white shapes that symbolize areas with no creativity.​​​​​​​
Later on the creativity superpower unfolds its magnetic force and detaches the objects from the ground. During this process the objects became loose and turn into color.​​​​​​​
In the final scene the world has turned into a powerful, inspiring place.​​​​​​​
Mock ups of our festival posters​​​​​​​
Example of a story & a post for Instagram
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Fabian Herbert, Vanessa Melzner

Thank you for watching!

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